Brief Notes on Excavated Sites in Lucknow Circle:

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Scientific Clearance undertaken by Lucknow Circle 1:

1. Scientific Clearance at Residency, Lucknow (2001-2005)
During the scientific clearance work brick-built sewer-system of British period was unearthed besides exposing the remains of Ommanas’s House and barracks in the southern part of Residency. It also yielded, antiquities which include terracotta human & animal figurines, a pistol, porcelain ware, sherds T.C. tiles, smoking pile, fragments of wine-bottles etc.
2. Scientific Clearance at Sravasti (1994)
During the clearance, the south-western corner of the stupa-tank complex was exposed.
3. Scientific Clearance at Musabagh, Lucknow (2002)
During the clearance work a flight of nine steps leading to the semi-circular portico was exposed. These steps were provided with stone casing remnants of which are still visible. Apart from this, some floors were also exposed during work. The artifacts include smoking pipe, porcelain ware shreds, etc.